Tuesday, June 14, 2011

6/12 - Bear River Reservoir

More grizzly climbs this day.  The positive side is the scenery is unreal and mountain weather is such that it knows when to blow a cold breeze down your back.  Met a leathery old couple from the netherlands that told us they stayed at a youth hostel the previous night called the rockstar.  We didn't know whether their english was not so hot or to look up this place immediately. We later met the man who owns said hostel.  He has placed outside  a run down ski chalet the cardboard cutout of the actual energy drink.  I'm sure there are some infringement issues at work here but he is in a very remote location which makes him somehow exempt. We met two young men from dublin at lunch who are riding to north carolina with BACKPACKS on.  Lunacy. When the day was through, we soared down an absolutely terrifying three mile descent to our ampground in bear river reservoir. It was an RV campsites mostly as you can see in the picture above with a view of the mountains and the lake. When we arrived there was a horseshoe tourney in progress. A lively bunch participated, the year round camper bunch. We asked the guy at the general store where the bar was and he said to follow the sound of loud drunk people. After a questionable trip to the showers (takes quarters, has no temp control) we followed his directions,  oh boisey,  mostly people who look exactly like my grandpa Kraft and old uncle Rum. There was popcorn on the floor, two dogs sleeping, everyone was drunk, shouting and playing dice. When they asked where we are headed, we tell them Maine. What followed was akin to a stock market fight between Tracy Morgan and Charlie Sheen.   THEY SHOULD TAKE 50! NO...NOT THAT PASS ITS TOO STEEP.   LISTEN TO ME I'VE LIVED HERE SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME!   Obviously, we ignored all of that banter and followed the map. On our way out of the bar, one guy in a large bass hat shouted to us, "I hope you guys make it all the way to Spain!"  Me too, howard, me too.

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