Sunday, June 26, 2011

check your altitude at the door, bro.

Things I have learned from bicycle touring:

-Breaking in a brand new leather saddle is for cowboys, not women with prominent sit bones.
-The map cannot tell you what kind of day you're about to have. Sometimes an easy flat day gets blasted with 30 mph winds. Sometimes a beastly mountain has a beautiful vista that magically makes pain disappear.
-Take the extra water bottle. You will want it.
-Real food is superior to processed power food.
-Do not listen to negative people. They are usually wrong.
-Just ask. They will probably let you.
-Go to bed with the sun. Get up with it, too.
-Sing as much as your lungs will let you.
-If you're grumpy and tired, shut up.
-Baby wipes. Seriously.
-Beer is liquid joy and will, in no way effect your ability to ride the following morning.
-People are good. Give them a chance.
-Strangers are strange for such a brief period of time. You can make that moment shorter.
-Being in a campground every night makes me miss my family desperately.
-Cycling every day is not a means to radical weight loss.


  1. 10,000 feet! You're getting up there into the rarefied air. If you go to Wisonsin, you'll be in the dairy air.
    Terrible joke. Ouch. Hate myself.
    Good list. I live by most of that most of the time. Though I am often asked not to sing.
    And we miss you, too.

    Love and Positive Vibes,


  2. Okay, that last pic is kind of freaking me out. It looks like you're on a tiny planet. See if you can spot the Little Prince. Also, definitely a good list. If only I weren't so cynical, bitter and hateful, I might consider it.

    By the way, check those leg muscles out - woo! <- [necessary exclamation point]