Saturday, June 11, 2011

The stop and smell the roses tour: America at ten miles an hour

Today was the longest thirty mile trip we have ever ridden. Mailed thirty-two pounds home in total. Ate lunch at a cool little diner along eighty. Got lost a million times on horribly congested roads. We heard that the camp sites in Folsom were all full so we tried for the long shot. We emailed four people from living right outside of Sacramento. A couple called us back in under an hour. We spent the rest of the day winding around and searching for their house. But BOY are we glad we did. Tilapia with fresh mint from the garden, bread with honey, homemade spiced eggplant. Dick, the man of the house is a seasoned cyclist who has done the country several times and also just did a long tour through egypt in january. Dick fully tuned up both of our bikes. His wife gave us a run down of all the BEST and cheapest ways to get gear for camping. Marilyn explained that when they do big tours across the country, the ride a tandem with a back of bike trailer. She said they often ship home at least twenty pounds and that the trick is to buy everything you need at the thrift store for a dollar and then throw it away when you move onto the next town. NOW you're thinking like a garbage-pickin' Kraft.

They also stocked us with pancake mix, oatmeal and all the best camping food. Dick is out now to get us ice cream. It's all too much for me. Here's a picture of the awesomely over-printed room we are staying in.


  1. Waitaminit. They cross the country on a tandem - a bicycle built for two? My folks had one. I never thought of it as a serious road bike. It does make me want to try it, though.

  2. Thank God for the "kindness of strangers." Love

  3. I like the jar of Nutella on the bed.