Friday, June 17, 2011

Hobo Snacks

Wednesday afternoon Chris and I went to the fallon museum and out for slushies.  We met up with our friend, Rudy, whom we met through warmshowers. We had hosted Rudy the night before the tour of the scioto river valley. We had ice cream with him at the mcdonalds (as it is the only place around here with free wifi) I think it lifted all our spirits to see one another.  We headed back to our hobo campsite, where we were greated by another adventure cyclist, simon, from new zealand.  The four of us sat about on our camping mats, drinking cheap wine from plastic camping cups, talking shop and gnawing on the overcooked chicken the hobos had shared with us.  felt like the bonfire scene from three amigos. It was all I could do to keep myself from breaking into song.  I have a strong feeling I am seeing all of this through a much more dramatic lens than my riding counterparts because I am my mother's daughter. I want to turn to the fellow next to me and say, "isn't this fun? Aren't we really roughin' it now?" instead I sipped my wine and looked at the stars.
World's creepiest museum.

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  1. Great Googly Moogly - are you really halfway across Nevada?? You must have jetpacks on those bikes.

    And that is a truly creepy-looking museum. What's that story?