Sunday, June 5, 2011


Jesus, Lord. It has been a rough couple weeks. Learning how to be a college student again and writing three 20 page papers in a week really blew my hair back. Not to mention they were constructed completely under the influence of codeine and vicodin. No, friends, I don't indulge in recreational drugs. But three root canals and an extraction in one week is enough to make anyone mash up those little white pills and powder 'em into your food like heart-worm medicine.
So, now i'm giving myself the biggest gift i can possibly think of for making it through such a grizzly time.
I'm quitting my job, canceling all my bills, suspending the maid service i have so long relied on and riding my bike across the country.
The trip that almost wasn't.

Recently, I read an article in Outside magazine entitled, "You never bring me Clif bars anymore", that eerily mirrors me and Chris' relationship. A cute little piece about a couple who engages in so many extreme sports that when they finally hold still and make babies, they sort of look at each other blankly as if to say, "Uh, what do we do now?"

It's true, Chris and I are notorious adrenaline junkies. We thrive on the high of a 110 mile bike ride in 100 degree heat. We're fully prepared, however, to be humbled by massive mountains and hundreds of miles of grueling flat desert.

We're pumped, though, after planning the damn thing for an entire year. And we fully intend on keeping you posted through the good and the bad.

Love you,

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