Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Jesus, Kathy, she's not dead"

As it turns out, leaving for a three month bike trip is a lot like having a baby, having someone you love die, or leaving for Iraq.  People buy you gifts, bring you cakes, and kiss you like you might die.  I'm alright with this, but i must admit i am utterly exhausted from how fraught with emotion the day was.  I haven't felt like this since the last day of Camp Cristopher, in 1995.  In the same way that something beautiful or tragic brings out your true-blue friends, so has the bike trip drawn out some real surprises for us.  We have always known the Ride or Die people were some die hard dudes.  Heck, it's how Chris and I met. But we had no idea the outpouring we would receive at Carabar tonight.  I'm not a religious person but i find myself hard-pressed to say any other word than "blessed" here.  Yeah, okay, it gags my maggots too.  

Saying goodbye to my best friends was harder than i ever could have imagined.  Brigit bestowed on me a talisman of safe travels and a scarf that her mother owned back in the 60's.  I will treasure them both.  Actually, what i think i said after three Bourbon Barrel Ales was, "I'm going to love these until they explode." And then i erupted into tears . 

Obviously, I'm not one for hyperbole.  

I know my father would laugh at all of these schmoopypants goodbyes.  I remember when my mother left me alone my freshman year in downtown Pittsburgh.  She was hiccup-crying the entire way home and eventually my father turned to her and said, "Jesus, Kathy, she's not dead."  I'm sure that helped.  

Don't worry about us.  We're going to be just fine.  Chris has been plotting logistics for this thing like a Civil War General.  We'll be thinking about all of you.  And we are truly touched by the emails, phone calls, cards, gifts, hugs and love we received today.  We are lucky to have such incredible friends and family in our lives. 

Love you,

"I'm so blessed to 
have spent that time
with my family and the friends
i love with my short life i have met
so many people i deeply care for" -yeasayer

goodbye cake from incredible sister kate

Another successful cakestand.  


  1. I'm going to miss you both like hell during my first summer in Columbus, but you guys are doing something so extraordinary that the stories you bring back will be worth the three months you are gone. Stay tough and have funnnnn!!!

    I'm gon' check this like every day.