Monday, June 13, 2011

6/11, Strike that, maybe 4 mph

Never wanted to leave Marilyn and Richards'.  They sent us on our way this morning with first aid gear, a merino wool sweater, oatmeal, dried fruit and tons of other camping gear and tips.  Had the breakfast of a marathon runner.  banana, peanut butter, nutella, maple syrup pancakes. Cant beat it with a stick. Sorry for all the lists but pretty much everything having to do with this sixty-something couple comes in a list.  When we asked Dick what long cycling tours he has done, we had to wipe sweat from our brows just thinkng about it: Jordan, Egypt, America, Africa.  Such cool people i cannot sing their praises enough.  I would like to say so much more, but i am typing on Chris' phone and it is much like a bear trying to turn on a light switch. Suffice it to say it was a beautiful ride.  For one not accostomed to mountains, I spent much of the day wobbling into the berm just trying to drink in the sights.  We arrived in Placerville around four and cruised through a local festival that my sister, Kate would have peed her pants over.  Old timey, bluegrass music, hay bales, chuck wagon cook off style.  We checked  into a motel that looked like something from a lynch film, ate dinner at super cool organic joint, sang karaoke at a local dive and promptly went to sleep. At my the next possible convenient time, I am abruptly packing up and moving to placerville. its all the charm of Yellow Spring, Ohio with mountains.

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